Saturday, December 10, 2016

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

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Only two weeks until Christmas, but the good news is that the Green Center will be open next weekend, Dec 17th from 9AM - 12 Noon for your last minute shopping needs. We are overloaded with Christmas ornaments so stop by. 

Two plastic lobsters battle for shelf space

John Weber models men's fashions. The shirt, sweater and jacket all came from the Green Center. He found the hat on the trail while climbing Mount Monadnock

I think this might be a hippotamus, who knows

I encountered Sherlock Holmes

The Kodak Disc 4000

I had a collection of these books as a teenager. Check for your favorite artist

This has been here for a while, anyone need a wheelchair?

More than enough Christmas stockings

Everybody needs a Christmas sweater

Plenty of snowmen. This one can be hung on the wall

Festive vase

Animated dogs, what fun


This is a question I still ask myself

How about this for New Year's Eve?

Or maybe a gold jacket

Friday, December 9, 2016

Lunch at Frazer's Place

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I had an appointment for a hearing test at the VA Hospital in White River Junction in Vermont which turned into quite a pleasant drive through the hills of Vermont. There were snow showers in the hills and mountains and the sky was filled with interesting clouds and light. This could have been a photographic adventure if not for a tight schedule.

This blog was created to feature "Things I Have Seen" and I'll admit that I've seen many burgers and fries. What I haven't seen is dollar bills made into shirts.

They had Christmas trees for sale too. It was one stop shopping.

This is not the best food photo, I forgot to disable the light on the phone. I couldn't wait for the photo, so I took a bite. Good burger with bacon, sliced onion. tomato and cheddar (not american) cheese. After all I was in Vermont.
A guy at the counter was folding bills into shirts. I have never seen this before and I've seen a lot of stuff. Nice idea for Christmas stocking stuffers

Clever isn't it?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

"Every Saturday is like black Friday at the Green Center"

The Green Center will be open on Saturday, Dec 10th and 17th, 2016  from 9AM till noon. We have a large selection of Christmas items and plenty of greeting cards.

Play your Christmas cassettes on this Sanyo player

Boxes of hairnets for food workers. The handcuffs have been taken

Remember fiber optic lamps? We have one

Forget USB thumb drives, back up your valuable files on floppy disks. Each disk can hold a whopping 1.44 million bytes of data.

Elves want warm feet

Serve your egg drop soup in this bowl

We have ornaments galore

We are overloaded with garment bags, you take one but don't bring one

Portion control. An insert has separate compartments for each fookd item
Gheorghe Zamfir, master of the Romanian Pan Flute

Afternoon Walk

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I was one of the people who could not understand why cameras were added to cell phones. I thought it was silly that anyone would use a low resolution camera when so many affordable point-and-shoot were available.  I was of the belief that a phone had a single purpose, to make and receive calls.

That all changed with the smart phones, the camera quality is better than my earliest DSLR without the weight and price tag. The greatest advantage is that the phone is almost always available. If you take photos, it is important that you always have a camera. One morning while walking  I spotted a moose standing in the middle of the road knowing full well that my nice camera was sitting at home on a shelf, what a ridiculous place for it to be.

Theere is nothing profound about this blog, my plans for it are a way to share snapshots of life. Most (but not all) of the photos will be taken with my smart phone. Happy clicking!

I agree with the premise that you should clean up after your dog, but I can imagine why your mother had done it in the past. Uusally this sign is posted in the workplace kitchen area, albeit not about dogs. Maybe that is why I have a cat.

This is a nice sign that happens to be completely inaccurate. Taylor Road is the turn to the left of Fox Farm Road. Every so often I have to help out motorists.
This is the most common roadside sight in New Ipswich. They should read the first sign in this posting about your mother not picking up after you. Lately this person has switched over to Coors Light, another tasteless beer.

This is one solution I suppose for the litter.