Saturday, November 18, 2017

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

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Open Dec 2, 2017 - 9AM to 12PM

Sometimes I think we need a bigger building. It was a little crazy on this Saturday with so many items being donated. I was pleased that my sleds were taken, hope those kids have fun in the snow. Here are some other items.

One really ugly chia head. Wouldn't this be a great Yankee Swap item?

A cute mini Cabbage Patch doll

I can't even imagine how old this folding chair might be. I can imagine in a 1920s revival tent. Anyone have an idea?

Someone went to the trouble to tie all these shoelaces together. I have so many question. Why was this done? How many pairs of brown dress shoes did this person own? Is there a large ball of rubber bands somewhere?

Angelika & Michaelle model some of Ethel's hats. Ethel was one of our favorite volunteers and passed away in Oct of 2017. It is fitting that we have many of her personal items at the center.

Does this grass skirt make me look fat? We have two of them.

We had a visit by a Leprechaun who took a rest on the old folding chair. He was gone when we closed.

This was creepy, a plastic container to microwave a lobster. That seems wrong on so many levels.

Why do cartoon characters only have four fingers?

A container for keeping onions in the refrigerator. I'm going to try it out. 
I can't imagine how a vinyl pillow can be comfortable