Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Look I Saw at the Green Center (Halloween Edition)

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We honored Ethel Frates by dressing in costumes and handed out candy at the Green Center on Saturday. As usual a number of interesting items were donated.

The Green Center Gang

This a really cool toy for drawing with a special pen.We had no clue what it was but these kids knew.

I think this dates back to the Eisenhower Administration

Mary Fortier found this rock and I was supposed to hide it at the Cape. I failed in my mission and gave it away for Halloween.

This fountain was cute, but we couldn't get it to work

Interesting wooden rattle

A patron wearing the hat that Ethel Frates donated to the Center,

Cute Troll

Another Troll

Scary Stuff

Our art gallery

Ethel's Hat. The little guy had an earache which explains his expression

Cute Angel

This young man told me he was going to be a CEREAL killer for Halloween. He was going to be holding a box of Life Cereal with a fake knife embedded in it

Great photo of Joanne, Mary and Kitty

We will be open Nov 4th from 9 -12

for New Ipswich & Greenville residents

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