Sunday, October 15, 2017

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

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It was a busy Saturday in New Ipswich at the Green Center on what felt like a summer day. Halloween is just around the corner and we have plenty of decorations and costumes. The Green Center is open to residents of Greenville & New Ipswich. It will be open Oct 28th from 9-12. Come and visit us in costume!

Not a very scary spider
For some reason we have lots of ceramic witches shoes

One more

The Halloween / Harvest corner

Angelika strikes a pose wearing Ethel Frates' hat. Ethel was one of volunteers who passed away this year and will be missed this Halloween. She would always get into the spirit of the season and arrive in costume.

Cool glasses

We are going to donate this to music students. I'm still waiting for a 5 string banjo to arrive

Dracula made an appearance

Ethel's hat is one of our most popular items, it gets recycled for many events.

Look what I found at the Green Center! A Beazle Rock

How unusual is an armadillo candlestick holder that looks like a bong?

Original Art


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