Saturday, July 22, 2017

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

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I was back to the Green Center on this humid sticky day. An interesting crop of items were brought in, here is a sampling.

Nice to see Lucy in her son in plaid coordinated outfits. I showed my age by trying to explain what a madras shirt was. I was a big fan of madras and even had a madras patchwork jacket.

HUGE picture which no one took

No sure what this is but it is colorful

An ELECTRIC metronome (not electronic). Makes a clicking sound, This has to date back to the 1950s or earlier.

Kitty organizes the office

I guess this series covers every topic

I'm surprised no one took these

Add some elegance to your home

Seems to go with the previous book

I couldn't resist this, very nice

Mona Lisa (wonder if it is "our" Lucy)

This is the coolest thing I've every seen

Planning a wedding? 
Fine Art

Pirate gold coins

More pirate stuff

Silk flowers

Looks full, wonder if anyone every tried it?

Great find, chapters such as "Anatomy of a Crap", "Digging the Hole", "When You Can't Dig a Hole", "Trekker's Trots", "What? No T.P.? or Doing Without"

I dyde shyte thre grete toordes.
Fables of Aesop, Caxton Translation Vol. 15, 1484