Sunday, May 7, 2017

Look What I See at the Green Center

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Here is a quick recap of some of the items that were available at the Green Center on Saturday.  Our next scheduled opening is May 20th. We are closed on Mother's Day weekend.

Just in time for Graduation
There were plenty of items for Mother's Day

Someone finally took these nice chairs, we have a bit more room now

The Green Center is a time machine, I remember when we had milk delivered in glass bottles

My favorite items have he stamp AS SEEN ON TV

Another nostalgia item, a cap for a recyclable soda bottle

These engines were invented in 1816

Stirling Animation.gif

A thing of the past, correction tape, almost as good as white out
After the Stirling Engine, build a steam engine

Sadly this was broken

Cute and brand new
This was an  interesting item, a  surveyors scale

I thought it was a "mouse" but is actually a USB hub

This is different

Nice Plate

This has seen better days. Maybe some friction tape to patch it up?

Jadite? something new to learn about