Sunday, May 21, 2017

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

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It was Dads and Grads day at the Green Center on Saturday. However for some reason fancy tea cups made an appearance. Here are some photos.

The dad corner seemed to have a beer theme, as well as some grilling tools. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads.
Need a graduation gown? The Center has several.

If you like bright colors, this candy dish is the one for you.

Tea time with sugar and fancy spoons.

I had no idea what this was till Ethel explained it was a cookie press.

A bin of Barbies.

Tea time with some style.

A bit of a Southwest motif in the Green Cenrer.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Boulder Trail

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I has a nice day with Owen Richards watching nesting Blue Herons in Dublin, NH. This is the time I wish I had a HUGE telephoto instead of a simple bridge camera.

Boulder Trail is a great name for this place

Nice day to visit

EVERY tree had signs of beavers
Such a large bird, this is where I wish I had a monster lens

Lots of drama with geese
The Herons would get up to move their eggs

I need to return when the chicks hatch

We found the trail head on the way out 
Not a good place to drive, we hiked in

Owen had a monster lens, he posted his photos on Facebook

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Look What I See at the Green Center

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Here is a quick recap of some of the items that were available at the Green Center on Saturday.  Our next scheduled opening is May 20th. We are closed on Mother's Day weekend.

Just in time for Graduation
There were plenty of items for Mother's Day

Someone finally took these nice chairs, we have a bit more room now

The Green Center is a time machine, I remember when we had milk delivered in glass bottles

My favorite items have he stamp AS SEEN ON TV

Another nostalgia item, a cap for a recyclable soda bottle

These engines were invented in 1816

Stirling Animation.gif

A thing of the past, correction tape, almost as good as white out
After the Stirling Engine, build a steam engine

Sadly this was broken

Cute and brand new
This was an  interesting item, a  surveyors scale

I thought it was a "mouse" but is actually a USB hub

This is different

Nice Plate

This has seen better days. Maybe some friction tape to patch it up?

Jadite? something new to learn about

Friday, May 5, 2017

Basement Treasures - and a fish story

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My dad loved to fish, we lived close to Long Island Sound and he would spend the weekends fishing for flounder, blues, snappers and smelt. I remember being intrigued watching eels squirm around in a pan as they were being cooked.

He invented a fishing rig for catching smelt, a small fish that he loved to fish for. After Church he would drive to a small bridge in Westport, CT to "see if the smelt were running". I found this exceedingly boring but he loved it. He marketed his rig which he would make as he watched TV and we still have many of these. I'll bring some to the Green Center this Saturday.

Dad gets some good press
He created a stamp for his rig

Simple packaging and lots of recycling. The spacers were fabricated from plastic tubing that we might have found at the dump
Early televisions and FM radios had antennas with 300 ohm wiring. That was replaced with 75 ohm coaxial cable. This adapter worked with both of these.

Did you ever see those emergency lights in school? I have a 12 volt light from one that will be going to the Green Center

I have several sizes of alligator clips, these suckers are great for electrical projects

I forgot about this antique.  I found a blueprint machine at the dump and the light source was a carbon arc light source. Naturally I took the thing home for parts . I made a table out of the frame, recycled the brass and kept this electrode.

There is gold in these computer Pentium chips. I need to find if I can sell these. 

I have bins of what I call "floor sweepings", a mix of screws and other stuff Can you identify the auto parts?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Basement Treasures (A Time Machine)

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I'm finding things in the basement that bring back some memories. My dad used to work at ESCO (Electric Specialty Motors) in Stamford, CT. He started working there in his teens and in this picture from the 1930s he is using an old style soldering iron. These irons did not use electricity, consisted of a large chunk of copper held by an iron holder and were heated over a gas flame. My dad would use it at home for soldering projects, heating the iron over the gas flame of our water heater.

When I went to China in 1985 for Digital Equipment Company, I saw a similar iron being used to connect a VAX system directly to the power grid. They cut off the plug because they had no compatible sockets.

Dad soldering motors at Electric Specialty Motors in Stamford, CT - circa 1930
I still have the iron as well as a ladle for pouring lead sinkers. I wonder how much lead poisoning I was exposed to in my youth?

Remember when motor oil was sold in cans? I have a spigot that you would use to open the can as well as muffler clamp. The device on the right would clamp to your metal bumper to attach a tow hitch.

Roadside flares in various stages of decay. I need to light the one on the right as an experiment.

Tire repair kit. These never worked out for me because the patches always peeled off.  Inner tubes were fun in the pool.

Now for something completely different, a piston from a Russian Tank. Someone from work had this on his desk and gave it to me as a gift. I have no idea where he got it.

This is a serious alarm bell and it works! I wonder if it came from a bank?

These are serious nails. I used these to nail together railroad ties. The ,50 caliber shell is a dummy (I think).

A gift from an Indian co-worker. Adds some flare to the basement.

Old school doorbell with two solenoids. "Ding-Dong".


Car stalled? take out the vari-flare.

I got this meter when I built a television kit, I need to see if it still works.

I've had this for decades, maybe it is time to try it out. Stay tuned for an update.