Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Basement Treasures (Some items for the Green Center)

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I waded into the most cluttered part of the basement today. It was a another rainy day and I didn't mind getting on the floor and pulling out old hard drives, cassettes and 45 RPM records. Some of these items will become new projects and some will find a home at the Green Center.

I have boxes of recorded cassettes that I listened to on my years of commuting. Most were recorded on Hi-Bias tape. I would like to give it away. Ask me about them when you see me at the Green Center. The Green Center does not accept home recorded CDs, Cassettes, DVDs or Video Tapes because of Copyright concerns. Please ASK me for these when you see me at the Green Center.

I used this last year to trap yellow-jackets and I intend to use it again. A treasure from the Green Center.

I have so many hard drives, some IDE, some SCSI. Some were high speed at 10,000 RPM. They were discarded at work, some had crashed but most were too small. I like to take them apart to harvest the disks and neodymium magnets,

Remember Packard Bell computers

Met Kerry, voted for him but it didn't work out.

I have a turntable that I found at the dump. Nice direct drive Sony. I even have a disk cleaning kit. I won't buy vinyl but I can listen and digitize it.

I sat on this briefly when I was working and promptly fell off. It has been sitting in the basement and it will be at the Green Center this weekend.

I have Bonsai pots. My son was interested and I "might" take it up again.