Saturday, November 18, 2017

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

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Open Dec 2, 2017 - 9AM to 12PM

Sometimes I think we need a bigger building. It was a little crazy on this Saturday with so many items being donated. I was pleased that my sleds were taken, hope those kids have fun in the snow. Here are some other items.

One really ugly chia head. Wouldn't this be a great Yankee Swap item?

A cute mini Cabbage Patch doll

I can't even imagine how old this folding chair might be. I can imagine in a 1920s revival tent. Anyone have an idea?

Someone went to the trouble to tie all these shoelaces together. I have so many question. Why was this done? How many pairs of brown dress shoes did this person own? Is there a large ball of rubber bands somewhere?

Angelika & Michaelle model some of Ethel's hats. Ethel was one of our favorite volunteers and passed away in Oct of 2017. It is fitting that we have many of her personal items at the center.

Does this grass skirt make me look fat? We have two of them.

We had a visit by a Leprechaun who took a rest on the old folding chair. He was gone when we closed.

This was creepy, a plastic container to microwave a lobster. That seems wrong on so many levels.

Why do cartoon characters only have four fingers?

A container for keeping onions in the refrigerator. I'm going to try it out. 
I can't imagine how a vinyl pillow can be comfortable

Friday, November 17, 2017

Look What You'll SEE at the Green Center

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Something different for this Friday. While rummaging up in my attic looking for the mice that bowl acorns every evening, I discovered a trove of items that need to go to the Green Center tomorrow. Here is a preview of my attic treasures, see you at 9 AM.

Do you need water glasses? I also plan to bring some wine glasses

All types of votive candle holders. More in two weeks

I have two Handicams, this VHS-C adapter will be most helpful

I've got a taker for this item, but if they don't show up it will go into the inventory

I've been saving this for one of our patrons
Short lived technology

I'm bringing a number of sleds, they will be outside

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Look What I Saw at the Green Center

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CLICK for full Green Center Schedule

We had a quiet Saturday at the Green Center with relatively light traffic.But a number of interesting and unique items were donated.

I would say that this item is the winner of the day, who doesn't need a frog salt & pepper holder?

Kitty & I agreed that these piglets are creepy

This guacamole & salsa serving dish has some serious design problems. No place for tortilla chips and a pitcher which cannot be removed without disassembly

Replica of Christ of Limpias

The Miraculous Crucifix of Limpias is located in the 16th century Church of St. Peter in Santander, Spain, not far from the popular alleged apparitions of the Blessed Mother in Garabandal, Spain. The Crucifix is a beautiful 6 foot life-size figure of the crucified Jesus, and is located directly above the main altar. Arranged on either side of the crucifix, and somewhat below it, are life-size figures of the Sorrowful Virgin Mary and the Apostle John. The miraculous crucifix is believed to have been the work of Pedro de Mena, who died in 1693, and the crucifix was given to the church by Father Diego de la Piedra Secadura, who had been born at Limpias in 1716.

“One day in the month of August, 1914, I went into the parish church of Limpias, by order of my friend D. Gregorio Bringas, to fix the electric light over the high altar. In order to be able to work more comfortably I put two large cases on the altar, and on them a ladder, the ends of which I leaned against the wall that serves as a background to the figure of the Crucified One.

"After I had worked for two hours, in order to rest myself a little I began to clean the figure so that it could be seen more clearly. My head was on a level with the Head of the Christ, and at a distance of only a couple of feet from it. It was a lovely day and through the window in the sanctuary a flood of light streamed into the church and lit up the whole altar. As I was gazing at the crucifix with the closest attention, I noticed with astonishment that Our Lord's eyes were gradually closing, and for five minutes I saw them quite closed.
We have Christmas ornaments, lots of Christmas ornament

lots and lots and lots of Christmas items

And Thanksgiving too!

Flashback to the 1950s with an original Viewmaster. I couldn't resist this

Made in the USA of BAKELITE!

A cow that goes Baa - typical for the Green Center

Leftover Halloween Candy with a Dia de los Muertos theme

A heavy bag that is not heavy until filled with water

Not sure of use of this cast iron dish? griddle? whatever?

Just add battteries

Love - Peace - Joy

I think this may be an antique

One donation was especially poignant when Ethel Frates' daughter in law brought in a number of her things to donate. We all miss her and thought how appropriate to have her things at the Center.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Look I Saw at the Green Center (Halloween Edition)

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We honored Ethel Frates by dressing in costumes and handed out candy at the Green Center on Saturday. As usual a number of interesting items were donated.

The Green Center Gang

This a really cool toy for drawing with a special pen.We had no clue what it was but these kids knew.

I think this dates back to the Eisenhower Administration

Mary Fortier found this rock and I was supposed to hide it at the Cape. I failed in my mission and gave it away for Halloween.

This fountain was cute, but we couldn't get it to work

Interesting wooden rattle

A patron wearing the hat that Ethel Frates donated to the Center,

Cute Troll

Another Troll

Scary Stuff

Our art gallery

Ethel's Hat. The little guy had an earache which explains his expression

Cute Angel

This young man told me he was going to be a CEREAL killer for Halloween. He was going to be holding a box of Life Cereal with a fake knife embedded in it

Great photo of Joanne, Mary and Kitty

We will be open Nov 4th from 9 -12

for New Ipswich & Greenville residents